SENATURK Carries The Mission Of Integrating High-Value Into Global Breast Care Practice (Bahadır M. Güllüoğlu)

SENATURK Carries The Mission Of Integrating High-Value Into Global Breast Care Practice

Breast cancer is the leading type of female malignancy in Turkey as well as all developed and developing countries around the World. Therefore the need for good clinical practice on breast care is obvious. However, there are inequalities regarding providing health service to women at most parts of the globe. Breast care does not mean only to care about cancer but also to provide the best available tools and strategy to rule out malignancy in all symptomatic women. Therefore, the demand for good clinical practice for breast diseases is vast. In terms of good clinical practice, quality assurance has an important role when implementing practice in this field. Quality does not only cover hospitals or clinics but also physicians, nurses, technicians and all other related stakeholders. When providing health service, no or low-value applications should be eliminated in order to provide fast and effective care with minimum cost. The utmost important outcome should be patient satisfaction in order to reach a point with all stakeholders benefit. Volume-based quality parameters are not rational targets to achieve, since they are insufficient to show the real impact on health outcomes. In fact, sometimes they lead the providers to wrong assumptions. Therefore the startegy should be defined over patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs). To have an impact on PROMs, the training requirements should be redefined or revised. Training the stakeholders who take place in breast care should be the starting point. Education is not an easy task nor means it can be given by good clinicians. Education is an independent science apart from clinical sciences. Therefore it should be prepared and given by professionals who have skills for it. The curriculum and/or blueprints of this training should be defined carefully according to every level of health care both horizontally and perpendicularly. This, in fact, covers all professionals dealing with these patients and their relatives. Therefore a more concise and targetted education model should be implemented in order to achive these goals effectively and timely. This needs leadership and team-work as well. Setting the standards in breast health care in order to obtain high-value clinical applications and activities should also be one of the main aims of these new teaching establishments. Classical teaching models do not fit to this new way of training. Professionalism including leadership and mentoring should be included in all parts of this training for all related health care providers such as nurses and technicians as well. 

SENATURK was established in late 2010 in Istanbul in order to open a door to this new idea. It aimed to establish cooperations among all stakeholders in the field both national and international levels. Its missions included training professionals related with breast diseases , measuring and maintaining quality assurance, running field and clinical research and establishing excellence centers to put all these into practice. To achive its missions, SENATURK’s divisions such as Educational Research & Programme Development, Information Technology & Software Development, Simulation & Technology and Electronic Learning Departments are working in harmony to create the best milieu for training according to the rational needs of its target population. Since its establishment, SENATURK accomplished its preliminary goals with success. These included trainings on professionalism, oncoplastic breast cancer surgery, breast care nursing, breast ultrasound and quality in breast care. Among its collaborators, there are many well-known societies and institutions. European Academy of Senology (EAoS), Royal College of Surgeons, London (RCS-L), Association of Breast Surgeons (ABS), British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (BAPRAS), European-Asian Society of Breast Diseases (EURAMA) and International Breast Ultrasound School (IBUS) had partnerships in SENATURK’s training programmes. SENATURK also publishes an on-line international journal “Breast Case” which accepts case reports of breast diseases from all around the world. Also “Breast Care” Journal which is a Karger publication is also SENATURK’s official journal since 2013. 

SENATURK is also looking forward to open fellowship programmes for breast radiology and surgery in order to train dedicated physicians on the field. The future is unpredictable and most of the time it is not in our hands to determine what is going to happen. However, as the governors of the field, individuals should get the ability to adapt themselves to the changes that future will bring to them. This, in fact, requires leadership abilities. Therefore SENATURK is trying to collect and bring all rational opinion leaders in one institution, The Opinion Leaders Academy (OLA), to facilitate the adaptation of all stakeholders to future which bring new ideas and applications. SENATURK will also be motivating and supporting its stakeholders for innovation and change. SENATURK knows that all of its goals would only come true by finding and bringing up the best mentors and teachers all around the world. SENATURK acknowledges this fortunate reality and determines its strategy accordingly. SENATURK very well knows that its strategy can only pass thorough an inspiring environment for creativity and looks forward to provide this positive culture to all those who need it. 

Bahadır M. Güllüoğlu, MD, FACS, FEBS (Hon; General Surgery & Breast Surgery) 
Founding President of SENATURK