SENATURK's institutional missions are to develop teaching materials and programs for horizontal and perpendicular integrated education for breast health at every environment and step, to maintain infrastructure for learning, to give pre-service and in-training education to medical professionals, nurses, technicians and society, to determine regional quality indicators for training, research and breast health care service, to maintain, audit and benchmark the terms and performances for providing qualified health care, to design and conduct clinical and translational research, to give face-to-face or distant consultations to individuals or institutions as well as to develop softwares on all these services.


Mission Structure

1. Training (Certification)

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Technician
  • Society

2. Determining and Maintaining Indicators for Quality Assurance (Benchmarking/Accreditation)

  • Organizing guideline set-ups
  • Electronic consensus organizations
  • Determining "Performance indicators"
  • Auditing
  • Appraisal of documents
  • Institutional coaching
  • Strategy development for economic and quality outcomes

3. Research & Development

  • Conducting clinical and translational research
  • Software development
  • Writing projects and consultation services for funds
  • Data mining

4. Health Care Service

  • Implementing comprehensive breast care
  • Organizing "Center of excellences"
  • Advocacy
  • Health tourism
  • Second opinion provision
  • Complication management system