He was borned in 1964 in Sivas/Turkey. He attended schools  in Sivas until 1981.  Following  graduation from Thomasville High School, USA, Dr. Cantürk obtained his medical degre e from Cumhuriyet University,  School of Medicine in 1988. After completing his general surgery residency in Cumhuriyet University in 1994, he worked for 10 months in same unit.  He was assigned as an Assistant Professor to Kocaeli University,  School of Medicine in 1995. He is currently a professor of general surgery at Kocaeli University since 2005. He has been fellow of American Collage Surgeon since 2015. He has also honored as a fellow of European Board of Surgery since 2014  and  European Board Surgery-Division of Breast Surgery since 2017. He was certified as a Surgical Oncologist at 2014 and he completed his master of hospital management from Arel University in 2014.  He has been the member of Breast&Endocrine Surgery Unit since 2008. He had been an observer on breast cancer in Strang Cancer Prevention Center and Mamorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 1997. He is the founder of Kocaeli Breast Disease Society. He was ex-Associate General Secretary of Turkish Federation of National Breast Societies. He is also one of the founder and steering commitee members of MAYMET and is also  a member of academic council of SENATURK (Senology Academia-Turk), as well. He is recently nominated to Turkish National Membership at executive committee of SouthEast Europe Chapter of EURAMA. He is president at Society of Inovation for Health Quality.  He is also faculty member of Turkish Endocrine Surgery Study Group (Turk-ECAG). He is also board member for European Board of Breast Surgeon as a Turkish Member. He has managed almost 900 beds of Kocaeli University Hospital as the chief Physician since 2014.  He is also one of  executive Committe Members for Kocaeli University. He is a member of editorial board of several national jounals. Dr.Cantürk wrote  many book chapters and articles about breast,thyroid and endocrine disorders and their managements. He is also editor for 1  international and 3 Turkish books. He still continues his education for associate degree for justice  at Atatürk University and for web designing at Anadolu University.